An armored pipe that will last forever!

The SUMO is a glass pipe designed to take a beating. The exoskeleton armor includes shock absorbing gaskets, deep threads and a standard 10mm connection for dab nails and other accessories. The bottom of the SUMO features a removable screw that opens for our future add-on products, as well as an easy access portal for cleaning and maintenance

All Glass Flavor "Metal pipes suck... they ruin the flavor... glass pipes are so much better..."

We've heard it all before! The SUMO is the best of both worlds. The feel of a solid metal pipe, but without the metallic flavor we've come to expect from cheap bodega pipes.

Quality Build Our Exoskeleton shell is precision milled from 6061-T6 Aluminum, and finished with our specially developed matte anodized coating. The removable borosilicate glass is durable, high-heat resistant and made custom to our standards

Flow Selector Single Flow or Double Flow, Left and Right Carb screws

When designing this pipe, we originally had the idea to create a carb hole on both sides that can be closed off per the users preference. After much testing and feedback, we discovered opening both holes will add a larger, supercharged hit. Experiment and find your perfect configuration!

Shock Absorbers Silicone shock absorbers that protect the glass during drops and impact are placed between each glass component and the metal shell. The shock from the drop will filter through the aluminum shell, then through the shock absorbers before reaching the glass; protecting it from almost any drop within 6FT.